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want to join my colour club?

Want to join my colour club? Members are encouraged to:

Try and wear as many colours as possible in one outfit.
Eat colourful food like fruit salad (bonus points for rainbow sprinkles!)
Purchase items mostly because their packaging or contents are 'cheery'.
Get excited about childrens craft supplies, as they are ALWAYS colourful.

See, totally easy to join! I'm went a bit colour-crazy today, and painted 30 pairs of super-kinder earrings like these (using lots of different colours and shapes, of course!):

I am a little amazed there are actually any left for you guys; there are so many good colour combinations in the world and when you make them play nicely together on a pair of dangly shape earrings I just want to keep them all!

Continuing with this adoration of colour, how good is the Melbourne Finders Keepers S/S flyer by Matt Roden?!

Other cool clubs: (not actually clubs)

The Owl Know How club. Scroll down to watch their super-cute and well crafted animation!

The Video Game Testing club. Play 'Weep' by illustrator Aleks Sennwald - awesome music and concept!

Paul and Wendy Projects club. Where Tucker Nichols educates people with poisonous berries.

food, fun, pannikin, and more:

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