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the past few days

I haven't posted anything since Wednesday?! Eek! As soon as a market rolls around I go into hyper-prep-mode and stress over some really ridiculous things, like getting to the shop in time to buy paper lunch bags for customer purchases and then jamming the printer with them (oops).

Anywho, do you like my pop-up cereal box girls? They aren't actually from cereal boxes, however I scanned the images from my knitting pattern books and printed, cut and pasted them onto a cereal box. Ta da! They joined me at the Niche market that was held on Friday night and Saturday - I think they are super cute!

Before the market I also made some wrapping paper by creating a circular potato stamp and adding black polkadots to a roll of kraft paper. This was used to cover up three tea boxes and another cereal box with the addition of some stripey green MT tape to finish off the edges. You can see them in the next photo, holding my prints and greeting cards!

The Niche market was held inside the converted tramsheds in Launceston. On the outside you can see this from the road, which I think is super neat.

Anywho, I best be off, we are going to buy a tonne of fruit and vegies today because we still feel gross from ordering pizzas on Friday night!

Happy Sunday things:

This is some super awesome colourful embroidery work! I love the small sparkly patch of gold.

Awwwkward. My favourite artwork from this girl.

I can't stop listening to this track by Glasser.

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