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Many of you by now will have cottoned on to my adoration of the Finders Keepers markets, however I haven't really mentioned their shop, Follow.

Located in Surry Hills, Follow store is well-curated by Brooke and Sarah, who both been advocates for supporting emerging Australian design for well over 5 years now and boy do they have good taste!

In their online shop you will probably find it hard to choose between amazing designers, jewellers and artists such as Andrea Smith, The Mod Collective, Emerald Green Submarine and Crayon Chick, to name just a few.

Photo from The Design Files

This post is the 6th in a weekly mention of all the lovely stores that stock my work. Please do note though that I am not biased, I have been fans and friends of these shops (and their shopkeepers) for a long time and I wholeheartedly recommend you visit them and support them!

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