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Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating - 3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds
3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Avon calling!

I thought I would side-step a little from the usual op shop review and bring to you my musings on the recent 3in1 Market held at the Claremont Showgrounds last weekend.

For those of you not in the know, this is a regular event featuring antiques & collectables, art & craft and the Polka Dot Vintage market. Three types of fun (well, two for me... .)!

Nath and I had attended the last markets back in April (I think?) and we were like two kids in a candy store. It was at the Polka Dot Vintage market that I bagged myself the hot pink 80's number which then became my outfit for my BFF's recent baby shower.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

In fact, it was that dress in particular that sparked a conversation between myself and Siobhain about attending the next market together. You see, Siobhain has been there with me for all of my little Scorpio-fuelled obsessions - Corey Haim, The Doors, Witch statues (yes, you read right), cameos and tea cup trios.

So it was only fitting that she would become part of my next crush - hunting down Nally Ware. Don't worry, Nath didn't suffer at all, he had Sia's hubby Mick for company, along with their beautiful new baby boy, Luka.

So without further ado...

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

A new one for the collection!

Antiques & Collectables
I blame Antiques Roadshow for the stuffy opinion people have when I mention that I dabble in antiques. I get it, it's stereotyped belief that if you hunt antiques then you also use Brylcream and blow your nose on a monogrammed hanky. So it's always a pleasure to visit this particular part of the market and find like minded/like aged peeps perusing the wares.

Hey, I think I even got discriminated against (was it my age? my tattoos? my hot new hair style?) when I picked up a Victorian-era leather bound ledger and was curtly told to "be careful, it's really old". Ah yeah, I get that, I didn't think we were in Target.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

The first time Nath and I visited this particular part of the market, we were so in awe of everything we (well, mainly me) possibly purchased a few things that were more 'impulse' than 'antique'... But it was an experience and helped us this time around, to look at everything with a much more discerning eye. We have more of an idea of the types of antiques we are interested in (Nath = WWII / Me = Victoriana) and therefore happy to be a bit more specific.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Generally speaking though, the wares on offer at this side of the market are amazing. I think the whole vintage revival has really paved the way for a younger generation to explore and take an interest in antiques/collectables. There was such an array - Glomesh to Gay Ware, Royal Doulton china to Royal Jubilee cups, cake plates to canisters, view finders to vases, jewellery to model jets, binoculars to bone china... you get the drift.

So, after starting all together, it didn't take long for the four (well five!) of us to splinter off and focus on what took our fancy. Nath had his eye on a pigskin cigarette case, while Mick came back with an old toy clock for Luka. Sia finally found herself a milk jug while I got myself some vintage tea towels and a teacup trio.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

And like all antiques & collectables, the prices varied. So if you are going with an idea of what you want, try also have an idea of what you're willing to pay. I saw a FAB Nally Ware canister that was going for $35. I loved it, but wasn't quite prepared to pay that much.

This particular section is up on an elevated part of the pavilion, so it's kind of split down the middle into two sections. By the time we had done one side, Luka called time out and we took a sustenance break. You'll find a small little cafe with seats and a coffee caravan which is also close to the first set of toilets. All handy, logistical stuff. Actually I think this year around there were more seats on offer.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Best seat in the house

It was about this time that we decided to hit up the next section, however our little mascot Luka wasn't quite ready for more pram time, so we left the men to suss out that part whilst the women found a quiet little spot out on the showgrounds oval for some private feeding.

It was a good experiment actually, so ladies if you are breastfeeding and/or nappy changing your littlies, there are some nice spots outside, or way down the other end past the vintage market, there is some unused sections of the pavilion that I'm sure you will be able to utilise. Oh, and unfortunately there are people with absolutely no pram etiquette so be prepared for that...

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

The run down:
* Right hand side of the pavilion upon entry
* $6 entry fee p/p
* Enter Gate 5 and be prepared to hunt for a carspace
* Cafe, coffee & toilets available in this section
* Pram/Wheelchair accessible
* ATM's inside
* Bring your own green/cloth bags
* Don't forget to get a stamp on your way out, if you need a pass out
* Don't forget to fill out the competition to win $$$ and place in barrels

Arts & Crafts
Hmm ok, I have to admit, this is totally not my bag. I wish I could knit, crochet, sew, decoupage or even colour between the lines. But I can't. So the only thing I can tell you about this section is that as I passed through I smelt lots of soy candles, saw lots of lace and your husband will leave you alone to browse the vintage section if he is able to buy a bag of caramel covered popcorn from this section.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Mr Mojo Risin'

Polka Dot Vintage Market
The last time I visited the Polka Dot Vintage Market, Nath had retreated to the car to catch the last quarter of footy on the radio and left me to my own devices. As mentioned before, it was here that I bought myself the hot pink baby shower number and I think it is here that I also truly appreciated and fell in love with all things vintage.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

AJ, another good girlfriend of mine, has also shown an interest in vintage-y type things and we have often pondered how we could involve ourselves further in the community. However it was after my first visit to the PDVM that I realised Perth is already doing vintage really well, and possibly another addition to the vintage community may be overkill. So, we're still thinking haha!

Anyways, I found the recent PDVM to be even bigger and better. Again, it's possible I'm looking through more educated & vintage-crush eyes, but it was pretty wonderful. I think the only negative was there were HEAPS of clothes and they tended to be packed pretty tightly on the racks. But hey, that's only a minor (and personal) gripe.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Mickey & his vintage spoils

I was impressed this time around that vintage clothes weren't the only things on offer - vinyl, jewellery, suitcases, shoes, comics, sunglasses, crockery etc were all on offer also. So collectors can really go wild here. I know Mick certainly gravitated towards the vinyl, Nath to the men's clothes and Sia and I to the first rack that came into view!

We were able to come away with some amazing designer pieces from this first little stall - Sia got herself some Metallicus, Country Road & a purple vintage skirt while I was able to grab some Sportscraft and a multicoloured vintage skirt also. Both of us also came away with some gorgeous vintage-dress goodness; me a dusk pink floaty number and Sia a midnight blue & white long sleeved number. Swoon!

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Sia sussing out the vfashion

We gradually made our way down the first row but unfortunately our visit here was cut a little shorter than I would have liked. You see, a stall holder screamed out "all shoes $10" and in the midst of trying on a little pair of white wedges complete with spotted love hearts, I had a hot flush. And then I had a flip in my stomach. And then before I knew it I was in the middle of a cold sweat in the ladies room with my head over the toilet bowl. No, it wasn't the hot chips that did it, and it wasn't the overpowering smell of soy candles (well, actually... ), unfortunately it was the stirrings of a migraine.

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Perhaps I was far too excited and so my blood pressure went through the roof. Or maybe I should have listened to my body earlier on in the week when I was chowing down the Nurofen.

Regardless, I was a little bummed that I was unable to go and introduce myself to some of the lovelies that I have met online such as Danielle from Quirky and Annette from Broken Doll Vintage. But then again, I wasn't really in the best shape to hold a conversation by that time!

So we decided to call it a day and get both myself and Luka home to bed. Waaah. I have, however, enjoyed going through my little bags of goodies, sans migraine and preparing them for display in our new home!

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

Nath hunting for an elusive WWII pic

The run down:
* Unless your super-sure of how vintage sizes fit you, make use of the change room section to your left
* This section features vintage, retro and current designer labels
* Husbands can make use of some bus-stop type chairs available
* Don't pay through the nose for something you can get cheaper at your local op shop!
* There's more toilets & a cafe down in this section
* Be sure to collect the various business cards of all the different stallholders - so you can keep shopping either online or in their own store!

Don't Miss Out:
The next 3in1 Market will be held on the weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November 2012. Head over to and check out the Polka Dot Vintage Market on Facebook!

3in1 Market @ Claremont Showgrounds

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