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I've been noticing my core area is starting to slim down a little bit. My "love handles" aren't as noticeable and, I may be crazy, but I think they're almost non-existant. I don't have the back fat roll anymore at my lowerback. I've also noticed this random line running down through my "abs" (hahaha.. and I use "abs' lightly). Things are starting to shape up. Once I get my new schedule under control, I'm definitely looking to add a little more toning.

I started my new job today and I love it. The only negative thing is that I have to be there by 8 AM and we don't eat lunch until 1 PM. Every other day I have a break in the middle for a snack, but otherwise, I teach from 8:30 till 1. It doesn't look like I'll be able to do the mini-meals anymore, so I'm thinking about loading up on fiber with steel-cut oats and fruit with honey for breakfast, then having a Lean Cuisine with fruit and veggies for lunch. Once I get used to it, it won't be bad. I hate to go back to Lean Cuisines, but honestly, with my schedule picking up, it's the easiest option to keep me on track. I'll just have to be very careful with sodium throughout the day.

I've also picked up another Zumba class on Wednesday nights! Now you can find me at the Eastern York YMCA on Mondays from 6 PM till 7 PM and on Wednesdays from 5:15 till 6 PM. I'm auditioning tonight for another place that should add another two nights a week. SO excited about this and so in love with the fact that I get to help others reach their weight loss and fitness goals. :)

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