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Fall Fridays & no camera

I really do love the fall. I know, I know, I live in LA, how can it be fall? Well check out my little guy playing in the leaves in the early morning hours on Thursday. See? Who says we don't have seasons in LA?

So that was the good news. The not-so-good news is that I did not accomplish my work goals as quickly as I was hoping to this week. So, I sit here on a Friday after 5 pm and I am still at work, and will be working over the weekend. But, just like with running, sometimes I don't get the results I wanted, but the fact that I am making the effort is the important part.

Hopefully I will see some results to my efforts at work over the weekend :)

My "lady of the house" goal was to take down Halloween decorations. Well, those are still up. But I will be taking those down over the weekend also. And setting up for Thanksgiving. So technically I will still accomplish my goal this week in that topic area.

Instead of doing the decorations yesterday with my little guy, we were:

Exactly. At Disneyland. But it was a gorgeous day and we had a blast. {Andrew, it was suppose to be 75 degrees so I thought I didn't need my down vest. But since it was 69, I was freezing and had to put it on at the last minute.}

The day ended with a birthday celebration #2 for my little guy and grandpa

(Disclaimer for the picture - my iPhone takes awful night pictures because no flash. No, the cake is not on fire and doesn't even have a ton of candles. My Blackberry takes better pictures with a flash but no clue how to get those pix onto my computer - I'm so technically saavy. I guess I should carry a regular camera... )

Hope you had a great week! Enjoy your seasons :)

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Fall Fridays & no camera + running