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The Gallery: Favourite Photo - it's cold outside

Tara's Gallery this week is all about your favourite photo. Well, I don't know. I have loads. It depends on the mood I'm in which one comes out tops. There are loads that aren't technically brilliant but show a particular moment in time which is special to me. There's a few that are technically pretty good, but because they aren't of things that are dear to me, they don't make it onto the favourite photo shortlist.

Anyway, I decided to break with tradition and show one of my children's faces. It was a few years back now, he doesn't look anything like this any more. It was taken in Bosnia when he had decided that he didn't like the cold. This was unfortunate, as the winter in Bosnia is cold. Freezing, in fact. Colder than freezing even. On this day the temperature hadn't got over -10C for about a week. And much as the child may not like the cold, he is born into the wrong family if he thinks that means he isn't going to go outside for a week. This photo captures the moment when, after hours of tears, he finally came to accept that cold or not, he has to go outside occasionally and he might as well get on with it. Would you believe it, he even discovered that he could have some fun. Now we look forward to winter. Bring on the snow!

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The Gallery: Favourite Photo - it's cold outside + TIME