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At my doorstep (recent mail swaps)

I've been involved in a handful of personal handmade mail swaps this month, and to my delight three packages found their way to my doorstep during my birthday week. Above and below are some of the sweetest creations by Nyssa of A Wilderness Design. I'm pretty over the moon with my Chipmunk necklace, it's bigger than I expected (yay!) and is designed to act as a little carry purse for transport cards or special mementos.

Another parcel I was lucky to receive came filled with gifts from super-generous Kelly from The Storybook Rabbit. Look at all that cuteness!

I've worn my spotty rabbit brooch all weekend (you know, 'cause it's Easter.) Pretty sure Kelly has an impressive collection of patterned tape - check these ones out! I'm so into those mushrooms and that wee red squirrel!

As if I wasn't already overwhelmed by posted niceness, this way-cool pretzel pin came along and topped it off! This was made by Zoe, another Australian maker who creates cute painted clay jewellery for her label The Initiative and describes her pieces as 'Very, very handmade'.

Since I haven't participated in market stalls like I so frequently did in Brisbane, I've been missing the usual ritual of meeting new people, hanging out with my friends and trading pieces for fun. Making things isn't always about making money (at least for me) so it is nice to know that I can still partake in swaps and make 'internet friends' even though I live in another state. Plus, there is something much more special about owning a piece with a story behind it, instead of a quick paypal transaction and price tag.

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At my doorstep (recent mail swaps) + trades