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When your children read the parenting manual

We've entered a whole new phase in the parent child relationship. One that I'm quite liking. One that makes me smile and feel good, before remembering that I'm such a sucker.

The little darlings, bless their cottons, have worked out that if they praise me they are far more likely to get a better reaction. They know that demanding countless biscuits is only going to lead to me going 'NO YOU CAN'T' in more and more aggravated tones. But if, when they are given a biscuit say something along the lines of

Mummy, you are such a good Mummy


Mummy you are doing so well today

or even

Good Job Mummy! You did did brilliantly!

(all honest to God things that have been said to me in response to a biscuit/treat of some description in the last week).

And do you know what? It works! I totally want to give them more treats to get more praise from my children. Which tells me several things.

1. I'm a sucker for having smoke blown up my ass
2. I'm being manipulated by 2 total pros.
3. They're good, they really are good.
4. I really need to stop being so desperate for other peoples good opinion of my actions
5. Praise works.

Now I'm off to learn a few new parenting tricks from the masters... my sons.

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