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Yesterday (Good Friday) was a bit interesting, food wise. Every year I forget that every store is closed, and wind up with an empty fridge and cupboard. We found some pasta and made pesto using dandelion, nasturtium and basil leaves from the back yard and threw in some pecans left over from the pecan pie. A good dose of olive oil, salt and pepper finished it off quite nicely! It was so tasty I might request it again even if our cupboards are full.

Liam and I spent the afternoon trying to teach ourselves how to knit using tutorials found on Youtube. It's really fiddly! I think I might enjoy crochet more. I wish I could knit mittens as perfectly as Sarah.

Speaking of yarn and making things, this was the start of a sculpture for my textiles class assessment. I thought I could work without wrapping the old t shirt fabric around thick rope/cord but it's just not happening. Soon I will figure it out!

I am really looking forward to Wednesday next week, as Bianca is taking me out to a 'new' opshop! Maybe I should pick up some more shirts to snip up for the soft sculpture...

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