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pancake dj

The wall above my desk is a growing display of photographs, magazine clippings, stickers, small drawings and happy miscellanea.

The super-rain today has changed our minds about heading into the city for a new vacuum cleaner, so the morning has been spent drawing little pictures in Photoshop (you'll see soon!), eating yummy warmed up muesli and justifying my purchase of this album by Misaki Kawai, who we think kind of rules. You can hear a preview of 3 tracks too, this is one of them: Peanut. So good!

I've also been painting lots and lots of tiny little Pannikin earrings like these, which will be added to the shop very soon, with some new colours! Can't wait for tonight, we are going to watch a movie and eat junk food. Ahh, simple pleasures! Our challenge is to see how many snacks we can buy for $5 (aiming for a mix of soda, chips, chocolate and gummy lollies). Hooray!

Strange and wonderful things:

Blankets knitted using the glitches caused from malfunctioning technology as patterns.

Art and illustration by Soft Science.

Want to try this smoothie soon.

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