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pop-up shop at milkbar

On Tuesday afternoon I headed into the city to set up my month long pop-up shop in Milkbar's retail/workshop space. Clever Isis (who is one half of the Milkbar team) added the stud earring garland you can see on the wall - isn't she clever? Mini pegs are so cool too.

I also have original collages on the wall in the main cafe area however I ran out of time finding the perfect frames for them (the ones I bought from the opshop just weren't cutting it!)

The day after setting up the mister and I popped into the cafe for soy lattes and before leaving I bought myself a recycled unlined notebook (made by Isis!) for jotting down ideas and scribbling little drawings in. We did a little bit of wandering around town buying some essentials, that being hay for the guinea pigs as well as crayons, glitter glue and a new sharpie marker. Unfortunately I ran out of change to buy sparkly gel pens so they are on my list for next time. Can't wait!

We always cross through this park on our way to the inner city op shop - it's small but well kept and is so green right now. My shoes are looking rather weathered, but I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less as I almost live in them and they have also seen a fair amount of mud from exploring/bush wallking. They also double as slippers around the house! One day I will own quality hiking boots and pretty shoes for when I need to look tidy. Any online shop suggestions?

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