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Religion, Biology and general flummoxing of your parents

Adam: Mummy? Why is Christmas only once a year?

Me: Because it is a birthday. You only have birthdays once a year.

Adam: Who's birthday is it?

Me: Jesus's birthday.

Adam: Who's Jesus?

clearly my attempts at a Christian religious education are failing. Never mind, I'll continue.

Me: Er, he's the son of God.

Adam: Who's God?

Forget failing, I might as well admit that they are non existent.

Me: Well, er, where to start. Um. Ok, some people believe that God made the world and everything in it.

Luke: Did he make willies?

Me: I guess so

Just starting to wonder where exactly this conversation is going. I mean we appear to have switched from religious to biological conundrums with remarkable ease here and all I can think about is what to make for supper.

Luke: He forgot to make you a willy.

Me: well I'm a girl and girl don't have willies.

Luke: But where do you store your wee?

Me: not quite able to face a biology lesson with diagrams at this stage of the day Come along boys, bathtime is finished. Lets all get out.

Luke: But I know what we can do. When it is Christmas we can go to the shops and buy you a willy.

Guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year then.

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Religion, Biology and general flummoxing of your parents + LIFE