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Gleaners Inc. is probably the coolest little handmade-loving store in Brunswick, Victoria (although, you know, Melbourne is pretty much chockers full of cool-little-stores, but this one is especially nifty!)

Gleaners Inc. is run by crafty lady Liz Jones, you know, of Betty Jo Designs. Her shop is a fun space full of light, colour, handmade bits and vintage bobs. If you are wondering about the name, their blog states:

"Gleaners": accumulators, collectors, gatherers.
"Incorporated": united or combined into a whole.

Clever, no?

If brightly coloured objects and general cheeriness isn't enough for you, they also regularly host exhibitions, such as Feather Your Nest, which is a satellite event of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed Festival with the opening night on Friday 3rd August at Gleaners.
It sounds like a bunch of fun and I really wish I could go!

Just look at these cuties! I love dolls like these but I don't collect them. I only have two dolls, one which I have named Pip who I amazingly found in an opshop a few years ago and the second doesn't even really have a name! I think 'Sally' may have been tossed around a lot. She was given to me by my Nanna, who is an avid garage-saler, back when I was a few years old. She came with a little mini case filled with an assortment of outfits, my favourite (and most ridiculous) being a neon pink fluffy coat and matching beret. When my mum comes to visit us later this year I will ask for her to bring the doll so I can take a few photos.

This post is the 2nd in a weekly mention of all the lovely stores that stock my work. Please do note though that I am not biased, I have been fans and friends of these shops (and their shopkeepers) for a long time and I wholeheartedly recommend you visit them and support them!

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