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Down, Round The Corner - Salvos Fremantle Op Shop Review
Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

If you were to ask my husband, he would happily tell you that I can be pretty stubborn. And if you continue to question my husband, he will also say that my stubbornness can, at times, prevent me from admitting when I’m wrong.

So when I first mentioned to Nath that Mum and I were going to hit Fremantle for a big op shop, I recall him saying something about an “op shop around the corner” in relation to the big ones situated on High Street. His work girls had been op shopping that way recently and had offered their advice for the blog.

And so I kind of also recall that my response was a curt “Yes, I’m aware of that thanks”. There could have also been an eye roll thrown in there too for good measure.

So when I popped down to Fremantle last week, I decided I was going to finish my Freo month of blog’s with a review on the Salvos. I had scoured Fremantle quite thoroughly with Mum the last time and had not yet come across it. And you know what, it really wasn’t that elusive… it really was the corner store Nath had told me about *clears throat*.

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

What a neat package this place is! The Salvos have really done well with their branding and identity (yah, did you guess I was in marketing once?!) and this store is evidence of it. Clean and tidy, with lots of room to move, a great selection of everything and, on my day of visiting, staff who were/are fashion savvy.

For some reason I was immediately drawn to the shoes, I think because of the great range they have here. There’s a whole wall of them, plus several free standing shelves too. I was pretty stoked to be
trying on Witchery, Robert Robert, & Urban Soul numbers which weren’t just one off’s either. There were some really great choices in higher end labels and I was also impressed with the vintage numbers scattered throughout too.

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

Given the shoes are right near the clothes, I figured I might as well work my way around. This store has it’s different sections signposted really well, and I had great fun going through their vintage/retro section. There is a good selection of cool 80’s Katies and Target , I admit, I used to laugh at when I looked through Mum's photos of her in her 80’s heyday!

However now that I’m fossicking for my own vintage find, I know whose giggling now. I am starting to keep my eyes peeled in these sections too, as I have three weddings to go to at the end of this year (oooh I loves me a wedding!) and so a summery vintage number or two would be ideal.

The accessories are pretty cool, I had my eye on a couple of really lovely handbags (hello Charlie Brown!) but I’m acutely aware that if I come home with one more bag….you ladies know what I’m talking about...

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

With so much quality on offer, I really took my time to go through all the racks, even searching the men’s section – which is a rare event as apparently I never seem to get buying my husband clothes “right”. I even took the time to try things on for myself, with care and caution.

Now, I don’t know that I have admitted this yet, but I will tell you – I really hate trying things on. I am one of those people who say “ah, yeah, that should fit”, in order to avoid the hassle of stripping off.

But I have also learnt my lesson with this carefree attitude, on more than one occasion.

I don’t know why I hate trying things on so much, it’s weird given how much I love shopping, but it’s just a pet peeve. I will usually take the chance of trying it on when I get home which, in some cases given op shop pricing, the odd “oh, that looks hideous, I’ll never wear that” moment has been ok. But more often than not my theory doesn’t work and the ringing in my ears of “why didn’t you just try that on?” can be deafening.

Op Shop Rule No 10: Try Things On!

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

It's simple. My advice is if you aren’t a tryer-onerer (?) then become one. Yes it can be a pain when it’s 39° outside and you’re trying on skinny jeans and yes, it’s terribly frustrating trying on dresses in a room the size of a matchbox and yes, it’s infuriating when you are lining up behind people who have taken nine items into the changeroom when it clearly says four items only (grrrr)! But after all the trouble you’ve gone to, to find a great item, why not finish the experience off with the satisfaction of hanging up your fab new clothes knowing it fits you well/has all it’s buttons/has no sneaky holes/has a working zipper.
So, I’ve had to become a tryer-onerer so that I too can come home a happy customer. And in this instance I took my own advice and worked my way through some jeans, cardi’s, skirts and jackets. And you know what; it wasn’t the big stress I usually make it out to be.

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

My next stop was the furniture section. It’s kind of based up the back of the store, but with the way it’s set out, you can see it all when you enter, which I think is good planning. There's lots of space around each item, making it easy to really inspect anything you're keen on. This particular Salvos has lounge suites, bed suites, dressers, dining suites and desks. All at pretty reasonable pricing too. There were quite a few “sold” stickers already on some of the stock (a good sign!) and while I was there the store took a MASSIVE delivery of mattresses. I also saw a really funky retro burnt orange couch, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to sell the husband on this one.

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

This store does have a book section, which was probably the untidiest part of the store, but hey, it’s certainly not a detractor. Books are for browsing, and that’s precisely what people had done. The section itself seemed to have quite a variety too.

Last but not least was the bric-a-brac section (of course) and I certainly didn’t come away from that little section empty handed. Even though I had promised myself “no more Johnson”, the two little dining plates sitting all on their lonesome just begged me for a home – and at $2 each, who was I to deny them that??

All in all I was really impressed with this Salvos. I was even more impressed when the guy behind the counter commented on my taste in purchases haha. Given my 10 year old niece considers my ripe old age of 35 as totally uncool, I was flattered to hear I wasn’t too daggy just yet….. Unless he says that to all the customers????!

Kel x
ps Oh, um, Nath, about that op shop around the corner, I forgot to mention “you were right” xx

Fremantle Salvos Op Shop Review

Salvos Fremantle
3/5 Josephson Street
Open: Mon-Fri 9-5.30pm / Sat 9-5pm

Fremantle Round Up!

Vinnies Retro: Vintage, retro & collectables

Good Sammy's: A little of everything inc toys

Anglicare: Cheap furniture

Salvos: Vintage, retro, shoes & large furniture

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Down, Round The Corner - Salvos Fremantle Op Shop Review + you got that at an op shop