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Have you ever visited Blackbird Corner in Cooks Hill, NSW? Sadly, I haven't yet had the chance (argh!) but if the opportunity ever came up I would jump at it (and drag you all with me, hehe!) Just look how lovely their shop is! Oh, and Nici, the owner, is sweeter than a jam drop - be sure to say hello to her if you see her!

Blackbird Corner, which has been up-and-a-running for 6 years now, stocks over 50 different artisans who make their own unique work by hand, not to mention stocking their own in-shop designs too!

Exclusive labels include: Wayward Girl, My Fascist Mother, Anorak, Hex 6, Songbird, Freyja Moon and TOR.

This treasure trove also stocks a long list of Pannikin favourites, which include but definitely isn't limited to: Hungry Designs, Whiskers Lane, Betty Jo, Retrofied, Liana Kabel and Jubly Umph, as well as a host of terrific magazines and LOMO cameras.

PSST! They stock EVEN MORE amazing-ness than this! Gasp!

This post is the 1st in a weekly mention of all the lovely stores that stock my work. Please do note though that I am not biased, I have been fans and friends of these shops (and their shopkeepers) for years and I wholeheartedly recommend you visit them and support them!

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