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The Gallery: Men

When Tara announced her theme for this weeks Gallery, I was thrilled. I have the perfect picture. The best picture to demonstrate the cheekiness, the naughtiness, the downright mischievousness of the men in this household. Led by the Chief of Scamps (otherwise known as The Father) my boys are all bunched together with the most riotous expressions on their faces, pants and boxers on their heads and wearing no trousers. It is a picture of irrepressible cheekiness and that, to me, is what men are all about.

But I have a policy of not showing pictures of the boys and their faces on this blog. Even when the picture was closely cropped to take out the trouserless legs, I still wasn't comfortable with posting it, so I had to look for another one.

Eventually I found it. Whilst my first picture portrayed the silliness of men, this one demonstrates their daftness. For it was a cold day in Geneva. Freezing. And what did the males of this household want to do more than anything else? Go and investigate the massive fountain in the middle of the lake in Geneva. Lets not worry about the vast quantities of water shooting up into the air, and the freezing 'rain' it made as it came down. Lets not think too much about how wet we'll get because there is a walkway into the middle of the lake and that looks brilliant. Where's Mummy? Sensibly keeping out of the water, avoiding hypothermia and looking for a cafe. Warm and dry I may have been, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they had more fun.

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