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Catch up, Ketchup!

Liam and I went on an expedition to the hardware store yesterday. I thought it would be at least a little bit fun but after spending 30 minutes trying to find solutions to a tricky problem (adding poles and hooks and other such things to my dining table-turned-workbench) we were so over it! A quick visit to the garden section was sorely needed and now we have another fern each as a result. This Autumn Fern, Dryopteris Erythrosora, is now hanging out on my desk and makes me feel so cheery. And look! Little mushroom friends are growing inside the pot to keep it company!

Speaking of cheery things, how fun are old-school bakeries? I was thrilled when I saw that the place nearby sold iced 'face' biscuits (you know, for children) but was dismayed to find they cost $3 each. Enter the blueberry custard flan!

This vintage floral fabric, formerly bed sheets found at a car boot sale, was cut up to make some curtains for my new home studio - but more on that later!

Happy Sunday!

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Catch up, Ketchup! + vintage