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I've been attending two jewellery making courses for a fortnight now, and I'm throughly enjoying it so far. One class is all about using everyday household objects to create wearable pieces and the other is a basic silver-smithing course. Boy oh boy is working with metal tricky and complex! Super big applause to those who work with it and on a regular basis!

The ring above is one of my first finished pieces from our wood laminating lesson. It's made using paddlepop sticks! I know this technique is probably obvious and old news to those who have worked on such projects before, but if you know me you'll already have guessed how happy I was to be working with such a colourful and child-appropriate material.

I'm looking forward to my next class, as we were instructed to go op-shopping for cutlery! Having an excuse to raid thrift stores is like telling a kid they can eat however much icecream they please. Supreme joy!

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