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The Waiting Game

Hmm. What does one do when everything you own is packed up in big cardboard boxes and you have a 5 hour wait for the removalist?

Here is what I have come up with so far: make some tea, spend lots of time on the internet and write this blog post with the company of my guinea pigs (their cage is a bit wet from the rain so we are chilling on the couch and I am making blanket tunnels for them), draw and work on some new Pannikin design drafts and maybe watch a movie while doing so. Sounds good to me! I'm just not looking forward to all the heavy lifting later...

Before I go tick off that list-o-fun, I'd like to share the interview I did with the girls behind the Boys With Banjos blog for their Studio Crush segment, complete with photos of my little workspace. They also wrote about me here back in February!

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The Waiting Game + LIFE