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Bikie Gang

Last night while sifting through Gumtree to find a suitable, affordable car, Liam and I spotted a free shipping ad for Reid Cycles! Like lightning we ditched the car site and snapped up the bikes we were pining for a few weeks ago. Win!

I chose this model bicycle in green and because I 'saved money' on postage I splurged on a glittery silver helmet by Nutcase (it was sold out so I was directed to Papillionaire by this fancy lady who owns the gold version). While on the Papillionaire site I also nabbed this pink bell and bike basket. The basket is a bit too boring for me so I am thinking of spray painting it grey, making a black/white gingham liner and adding something sickeningly cute to the front.

I can't wait to go on my first ride; it's been a few years since I last rose a bike and while I am nervous/worried I will be hit by a car it's exciting to have the opportunity to explore different areas of the neighbouring suburbs.

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Bikie Gang + vintage bike