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Review: Cubby Kit Craft Boxes

I have to be honest with you here. We're not very crafty in the Pants Household. My experience of craft with the boys is that it takes me forever to get it ready, they play at it for 5 minutes, throw it around and then scarper leaving me an unholy mess to clear up whilst also looking after the baby/cooking dinner/supervising fights.

But I love the idea of doing craft. I like the thought that they will sit down for a bit and concentrate on creating something that they can be proud of. I just haven't worked out how to do it yet.

When Cubby Kit asked if we wanted to review their Craft Boxes I just wasn't sure. But we did and I'm pleased that we did.

Cubby Kit boxes are all-in-one boxes, built around a theme with 3 activities for the kids to try out. The boxes contain everything that you need to complete the activities so you can just open the box and ta-da you are ready to go. I took it with us over the holidays to the Grandparents, fantastically convenient.

We had the space box, which worked really well for my boys who are having a real phase of looking at the stars and the idea of rockets. The crafts consisted of a join-the-dot constellation map (enjoyed with enthusiasm by the 5 yo), a foam rocket and some Papier Mache Planets. The first 2 activities were easily done, relatively painless for me and enjoyed by the boys. I needed to steel myself for the papier mache. It was predictably messy, but worked well although I needed to add a bit more glue to the papier mache mixture to make it thicken.

I very much liked the idea of having all the materials that I would need in one box, which makes it fantastic for taking to places. I love the thought of having one to take on holiday or to keep at Grandma's for those unexpected rainy day moments. The craft all worked well, it captured the boys imaginations and they did enjoy it.

Cubby Kit have clearly thought about their craft boxes carefully. Not only are they tested with children (and you'd be amazed how many times I've cried out in anguish 'has anyone actually tested this with proper real life children?' with other supposedly child orientated activities) but they have progress points to encourage children's dexterity, control and sense of awareness. I like that.

My only gripe is there is only one of each activity in the box. Obviously my 2 boys wanted to do the same thing at the same time...

The Cubby Kits cost £19.99 (including delivery) but you can subscribe for an annual subscription of £199.99 for which you get boxes delivered to your door every month.

This is a review post for which I received a Cubby Kit Box (valued £19.99) to review free of charge.

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Review: Cubby Kit Craft Boxes + review