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Shiny silver, cat masks and mushrooms

Remember yesterday how I said I would pop into the city for some craft supplies and try not to go overboard? Well, I couldn't find any sequins as planned but I did snap up some bright orange and silver embroidery thread and colourful discounted googly eyes!

Being alone and a little delirious from the heat I had quite a ball taking photos of glitter confetti and playing in the party aisle at Spotlight...

Shirt: City Song Vintage
Brooch: Betty Jo Designs
Backpack: Camping store in Brisbane

Laying out these little plastic eyes on pink paper and seeing the colours pop immediately gave me an idea: I am going to make a furry, bubblegum pink spider sculpture, complete with web. It's almost ridiculous how afraid I am of arachnids, so I think making this super cute happy one will help me not freak out so much. (yeah right!) You gotta admire them for their clever web making skills though.

As promised, the two screen-prints I made in textiles class on Wednesday:

Above, a quick hand cut star stencil (that I smudged with my fingers.)
Below, my paper mushroom shape relief print.

The shiny silver and bright orange thread mentioned earlier was used to embroider patterns onto the mushroom shapes. Especially loving the knobbly texture of french knots!


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Shiny silver, cat masks and mushrooms + vintage