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Saturday was a total bummer in regards to finding-treasure-at-garage-sales. We did not find ANY treasure, and we walked and caught the bus to six different places. There was even a deceased estate sale and there wasn't really much available besides a garage full of tools. When we asked the man running the show how much some items were, his answer was always 'five dollars' no matter what it was.

On unlucky days such as these, I simply announce we have 'more to spend next time'. The rest of the day was spent exploring and walking about in the sun along the outskirts of town and after an hour or two I copped heat stroke or something along those lines. It was decided the best cure was a bottle of ginger, lime and bitters and a burger with chips from Burger Got Soul. The meal was alright but we still remain devoted Flip burger fans. Plus they deliver to your house for free! Can't beat that.

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