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Fancy Lady shoes

Last weekend I photographed these vintage shoes for Tista Vintage. I'm finding it hard to actually put them up for sale, as these were a personal purchase and I am just so smitten with them (and that never really happens with me and high heeled shoes. I only own one pair of heels, and you're looking at them right now!) You see, that is the problem. I forked out a fair amount of money for these at a vintage store, thinking I would wear them and yet I haven't spent more than 5 minutes with them on. Perhaps part of the reason is due to one heel being altered for the previous owner to be an extra half a centimetre higher than the other and also because the base is so worn that I skid on the floor when I walk. I suppose I could easily take them to a cobbler and have them restored... but again, would I wear them? I think I might hold on to these, just in case an occassion calls for such fancy-lady shoes and also as a reminder to review my purchases a little more wisely in future.

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Fancy Lady shoes + vintage