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Adventure day

Remember the blackberries I mentioned earlier in the week? Well, we may have found the biggest source of wild blackberries ever! I wonder if other people pick them or if it is just us that knows that the berries that are growing everywhere are edible? Anyway, this is my new favourite breakfast combo: blackberries, dates, honey and seed mix (including chia seeds, sesame, buckinis, pumpkin seeds and linseed) on top of warm rolled rice porridge.

I like wearing my cat shoes around the house as they are as comfortable as slippers! If you are wondering why I am standing on a chair, the reason is because I was trying to photograph a birds eye view of some presents I received in the mail.

See? Look at all these beautiful old knitting pattern books! My super nice and super cool friend Sarah sent them to me for my collages, which is great timing as I have run out of material to chop up and haven't been able to find any really old ones lately. I also received some other neat gifts, including a copy of Start Small. Sarah is totally the best and I am crossing my fingers that uni will be nice to me timing wise so we can hang out soon.

If cat shoes, free blackberries and presents weren't enough to make it a good day, my boyfriend and I dropped by the city to make a new zine, pick up some lino to make little hand carved stamps and buy some much-needed coffee from the Oxfam shop. Afterwards we walked to the gorge for a swim.

While I appreciate the outdoors, I find it mentally challenging to swim in large bodies of water where I cannot see the bottom, let alone any fish or eels or even slimy plants that might decide to brush up against me. It's a very irrational fear which I'd like to overcome, so little doggy paddles in the shallow water near the edge is as far as I got yesterday. Still a really nice day out though!

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