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Bleet bleet! (with additional update)

A long time ago Home Office Mum developed a new sort of post: The Bleet. A random selection of thoughts that are too short for a blog post, but too long for the 140 character tweet. Then that lovely Notes to self plus two (and the need for red shoes)suggested that I should try it, and so (about 3 months later) I shall.

- Notes to Selfs blog always makes me think of my Mum because she wanted to wear red shoes to my wedding. On the day itself she had amassed some seven pairs of red shoes to choose from. I should have taken a photo of the red shoes, all lined up and looking hopeful. I feel Mum and Notes to Self would bond over their love of a good pair of red shoes.

- I have a really lovely Bosnian friend who is a passionate Liverpool supporter and who speaks no English. I support Chelsea, so was always going to be in contact with him this week before the Chelsea Liverpool clash. I was however a little taken aback to receive a number of texts saying 'You'll never walk again' and occasionally 'you'll never walk'. Have refrained from mentioning to him that he sounds like a member of the mafia (there is a lot of organised crime around where he lives, he might not find it that funny).

- Luke is driving me nuts at the moment. He appears to have totally lost the concept of personal space and is in mine all the time. I'm wondering if he might be reacting to the new baby or whether he has just worked out that it presses my buttons.

- I'm tired. Really tired. Think that helpful hormone dose that you get after giving birth has worn off. Such a shame they can't bottle and sell whatever it is. I'd be first in the queue to buy a bucket load of the stuff.

- Am fed up to the back teeth of my wardrobe. I'm still adrift in that post pregnant yet nowhere near fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes. I am also refusing to spend money on clothes as am hoping that I won't stay this shape for much longer. I may need to though, as I only have one pair of trousers. I really need some leggings but I remember them too well from the last time and I'm not sure I'm ready to go there again...

- I did buy a new pair of shoes though. I was so excited, I've been looking for months for the perfect pair and I found them on Friday. Was totally gutted to turn up at school to see said shoes (but in black) on the feet of another mother. In fact more than one other mother. It appears I have turned into a school gate clone without noticing it happening. Still love the shoes though.

I could go on for a while on this front but really the time has come to wander off and be random somewhere else.


- I LOVED Dan's All That Comes With It (strongly worded) post about pomposity and twitter. I wanted to write a post of my own saying 'well said that man' but I couldn't get my brain to function enough to be coherent. I couldn't even write a coherent comment on his post. But I did think it was fab.

bleets, hope, love, and more:

Bleet bleet! (with additional update) + TIME