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Mother's Day

A little known fact about me is that my mother inspired my running. It was my mom whose own desire to take control of her life and her health that inspired me to be able to run to the end of the block without getting winded. It was my mother's nighttime runs in the cemetery where no one could see her that inspired my own slow, but steady runs through my apartment complex and cornfields. It was my mother's desire to change her lifestyle that prompted me to change mine for the better as well. It was my mother's love of running 5ks and going to "church" in the woods, and that motivated me to prove to myself that a 5k and endurance hikes were something I could accomplish.

For this and for many other things -- being a pseudo-mommy to Finn, helping me move umpteen times, picking me up in Delaware when my car won't start, babysitting Miss Lucy, and the list goes on and on -- that I am thankful for you and celebrate you today with a good ol' visit to church -- a nice run on the trail with a doggy creek dip. :)

I love you, ma!

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Mother's Day + running