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My Tonya Harding Run

I went for my first run in a week today, picking up at the end of week 6 of Couch to 5K -- a solid 22 minute jog. I was originally going to backtrack and do an easier day, but what the hell, I'm tough. (And I ate at least two servings of Hershey's Hugs today... )

It was a straight up Tonya Harding run. I didn't show up when the announcers called my name all in the name of equipment malfunction.

I lost my gloves and had to wear one grey and one turquoise.

I almost got hit by a truck. Like, I reached out and hit the bumper to get him to stop.

My shoe kept coming untied.

My ponytail kept falling out.

Cars kept kicking up salt and cinders in my face when they drove past.

My nose wouldn't stop running.

My iPhone died with 3 minutes left in my run and I had to spend the rest of my run counting down time on my Polar and listening to my own heavy breathing.


But I went.

And I learned a really important lesson...

If I don't feel like running a hill, I don't have to.

I keep forcing myself to run this one hill and then I'm shot for the rest of my run. Today, I decided that I'd hoof it up the hill as a fast walk rather than a run, and I felt way better for the rest of it.

Hill work can wait for me to get my sea legs.

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