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body fat and waiting for Santa

I went to the gym today (a rarity for me). I normally do my runs outside, because I can't stand running, or biking, or any other cardio while running/biking/etc in place.

But I went today to have my percent of body fat taken. Ouch! I highly recommend that you have this done right before the holidays. It will help you stay away from the pumpkin pie!

I will likely be in the gym at least twice a week during this season,since I am decreasing my runs and focusing on strength training and core work. I'm glad I had this as my goal BEFORE I had the body fat taken! Because the trainer pretty much said that I was overweight and seemed surprised that I was walking unassisted, when I really should be in my house making a special appearance on Maury for obesity via satellite (slight exaggeration, but you get the point).

Anyway, I did my 2 mile warm up and then hit the weights. So, mission accomplished today at the gym!

We went to Huntington Library and Gardens this week for a special Christmas event. That place is so beautiful. The line for Santa was hours long. Yep. Hours. (And BTW - what is Santa's percent body fat?? Because people wait hours just to see him, and he is definately in the obese catergory!)

So we did this instead:

And learned more about seeds, leaves and flowers. We were able to walk around and experience the gardens while drinking hot cider. It was the perfect way for us to end November.

Regarding my academic goal this week, I'm still working on putting together my plan for 2011 regarding academics and what I want to accomplish. I'm doing a good job right now balancing full time job, family, running, and all of the rest of my life. It's difficult to figure out how I am going to add some learning/school stuff/studying back into the mix...

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