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Rock On! Goals for this week

First, I wanted to say a big Thank You to Emz for the versatile blogger award. It was my first award in blog-land! I am looking forward to stating random things about myself but will save that post for later in the week :)

I am also excited this week as I have my very 1st half marathon coming up 1 week from today. I got some new kicks a month ago, and have completed all of my runs (except for one this week, due to illness). So Rock n Roll LA, here I come!

Now, onto my goals for this week:

Healthy Happiness

to cut out 1 carbohydrate (80 calories) at each meal this week; this is as part of my health goal that I am hoping to reach by Christmas

Mom Missions

to actually plan and do the invites for the upcoming birthday party for my (soon-to-be) 7 year old

Lawyer Limits

to be client focused this week; happy clients are a big part of my job and I want to do a great work product for them and to reach out to clients this week (I can't be more specific on the blog)

Academic Ambition

I'm so proud of my little guy who is reading his first real chapter book! Our goal this week is to get through a few more chapters of the Goosebumps book (great for Halloween month!)

Lady of the House

to put together a baking schedule for the next few weeks; we have events to attend, and family functions coming up; so I need to organize when we will be baking what :)

Bonus goal this week: to help out family at least twice this week; to do something for others that costs me something - that's what it means to sacrifice for others

What I am NOT excited about this week is all of the rain we are going to get! I live in LA because I don't want to deal with rain. Anyway, I guess this will be a week of sporting boots all week. I hope you are excited about what this week brings for you :)

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Rock On! Goals for this week + thank you