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Friday - flowers and family

I was so excited to receive these that someone had delivered to me at work yesterday:

And pink is my favorite color! Receiving flowers at work is such a great thing because it is totally unexpected and very thoughtful of the sender. It reminded me that I need to be more thoughtful of others and engage in random acts of kindness :)

Time has gone by so fast... it is September already! And I can't believe I just ordered my son's halloween costume! It seems so early in the year, but I wanted to be sure to order it timely.

This week was challenging regarding academics for my little guy. Coming from summer, it is difficult to get the little ones to concentrate on the work - and I have some big goals for him academically to complete this year. This was him on Tuesday night - acting hyper after homework, before we had a yummy fish dinner and McCormick & Schmicks:

Regarding my own academic goals, I contacted my trainer/tutor and, as a matter of fact, I have a phone conference with him later today. I am excited to hear what he thinks my plan should be for the next few months.

I am looking forward to doing some family functions this long weekend. One of my goals this week was to schedule to events with family and we have a couple of things planned for this weekend. The first one is that grandpa (my dad) and Carolyn will be attending our family race on Saturday as I run a 5K and my little guy participates in his first kids fun run. I can't wait!

Have a great holiday weekend and good luck with all of your long weekend runs! :) I would love to hear how you are celebrating "labor day"...

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Friday - flowers and family + love