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The perils of teaching your kids stuff

A festive Christmas puppet show? What fun! Of course we were going to go.

The puppeter was ace. Full of songs and laughs for the kids and us adults were also quite enjoying ourselves (or as much as possible at 11am on a Saturday after an unexpected amount of wine on Friday night). The story was unfolding before us - we were on a hunt for Father Christmas who, as we all know, lives in the North Pole. We had started off somewhere hot ('ancient egypt' suggested Luke) but were obviously getting closer to the prize as the temperature fell. Ah hah, here we were now, lots of ice and obviously cold stuff. There was even a song about penguins.

"Excuse me"

I know this excuse me. It comes from my middle child and generally heralds a point of logic so brilliant that there is no adult defense.

"He's going the wrong way. Penguins live in the south pole and we want to go to the north pole."

Yup, no defense for the puppeter.. and one proud Mummy trying not to show it.

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The perils of teaching your kids stuff + small boy