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Country Road Pt II - Margaret River Lions Shed Review
You Got That At An Op Shop?!

Back in our Margaret River days, every now and then hubby and I would venture to the light industrial area on a Saturday to suss out the latest junk offerings at the local Lion's Shed. The Lion's Shed is a huge garage sale of sorts, with the money raised given back to the community in the various programs etc that the group are involved in down that way.

And whilst we were aware that the Lion's Shed was still in operation when we were down that way recently, we were blown away by the new digs. It's shifted you see, from a little junkyard type area to a huge (and I mean huge) big shed just around the corner.

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

I remember that the old shed was always packed with people and you had to park halfway down the road to secure yourself a spot. It also used to be open on the first Saturday of every month but from what I can gather, this one seems to now be open twice a month (2nd & 4th of the month to be exact). Judging by the amount of stuff they have there, the need for it to be open more regularly seems to be in response to the demand!

Another great improvement is that you aren't fighting for viewing/walking space. In the old shed you often did the 'excuse me, sorry, pardon me' dance, dodging broken mirrors and rusty plant boxes, whereas in the new shed, there's plenty o' room to explore without stepping on anybody's toes.

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

Hubby and I found it a bit overwhelming as to where to start, so he took on the electricals section and I headed towards the indoor furniture and book offerings. Oh my lord, there are SO MANY BOOKS! It's floor to ceiling along half of the back wall! People, there is absolutely no need to go buying new books ever again; all your needs are met here and at bargain prices!

After blinking a few times at the books and deciding there were far too many for me to be able to concentrate on selecting a title, I decided to hit the kitchen/bricabrac area. Again, there is so much choice. There is a bit of grouping into 'sections' within this area, but really it's better that you just rummage. And when I got stuck into it, guess what I found?? Yep. Johnson - and a salt shaker matching some of my set to boot - who would have thought?? I know I didn't!


Sometimes you never know what you are gonna find. Sometimes you might not find anything. But sometimes, in the most unlikeliest of places, you find gold. When thrifting, it's not a case of lowering your expectations, it's rather a case of expanding them. I would never in a million years thought I would have found a rare Johnson piece in a junk shed on holiday. Nor did I ever think I would see a Diane Von Furstenberg dress in my local oppie either (or in real life for that matter!).

So when you do see something completely out of the blue on your ventures, snap it up, you may never come across it again. And these little pieces always make the greatest story tellers.

We also came across a vintage Sandalford wine cooler/holder - the old styro-ish type which we gave to our friend Bec, given she's the cellar door manager of Sandalford and all haha.

I must say there was an awesome array of baby stuff by way of furniture (prams, high chairs, portacots) as well as bedding and clothes. Mums and Dads need look no further than here to get a supply of bubby things. Many of the items appeared to have only been used the one time or so, so had been donated to the shed in pretty great nick.

Older kids aren't forgotten as just to the left of the entrance/exit is a sea container full of toys to play with then or there, or purchase for re-homing. I saw a few happy kids coming out of that one.

Nath and I had a quick look through the clothes on offer, but I have a feeling we got there a little on the late side and so there wasn't a heap to choose from, but that is possibly more from personal taste rather than quantity. Same goes for the shoes. But I certainly saw many people trying on both of these and coming away with bargains. And who wouldn't come away with a bargain when the sign said "fill a bag for $5"?

The other thing I was pretty impressed with was the furniture pricing. Yeah, it is worth remembering that this is second hand stuff, but nevertheless it was stuff that someone could still pick up and get some great use out of (think washing machines, dressers, chairs).

I actually envisage people picking up some of the older furniture and restoring it - particularly the $5 dresser and the $2 couch I saw.

One thing to note is that *some* items are priced however there are a few that aren't. So it's about taking a chance when you pay, as to what the price will be... Guaranteed however it will be lower than you ever imagined!

And of course there is the obligatory sausage sizzle to partake in, although for a couple of vego's this wasn't really our calling card - so we bought a ticket into the local raffle instead.

All in all I really enjoyed returning to the old thrifting ground, to find it revamped and bursting at the seams with stuff. This is a great example of the community working together to assist those in need; as well as doing their bit for the environment too!

K x

Go For: Amazing prices on anything and everything
Leave Behind: The sausage sizzle if you're a vego

Margaret River Lion's Shed
Burton Road (LIA)
Margaret River WA 6285

Open: 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month / 8.30am-12.30pm
Donations: Weekdays 8.30am-4.30pm

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Country Road Pt II - Margaret River Lions Shed Review + you got that at an op shop