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Move along, move along, nothing to see here

Still no sign of any baby. Not only no sign of any baby, no sign of any sign of a baby either. I reckon he ain't coming out until forced to (which will be some point next weekend) so I have a good 10 more days to go. 10 more days of turning up at the school gates to have the parents of most the class say 'still here then?'. That's a conversation that happens about 20 times every morning and every afternoon, so whilst I do appreciate there is little else that can be said when confronted with a bump as huge as mine, forgive me if I'm not just a little bit bored of it now.

Anyway, the one advantage of being this pregnant is that I can behave really badly and get away with it. I think Dave is tiring of this, but there we go. He's not the only one to think that this pregnancy has gone on for long enough now. In fact everyone thinks that except the one person who can do anything about it, and he's quite happy punching me in my hip and refusing to engage in any way.

To be honest, if I was in there and could hear the noise, chaos and general mayhem going on outside I'd not be in a rush to appear either. Last bit of peace and quiet this one is going to get for decades now. And whilst he remains there his brothers can't hit him, smother him, force him to compete in their made up games (which have special rules to prevent anyone winning except them) or make him jump off the top bunk. 10 more days might be an underestimate. Sigh.

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Move along, move along, nothing to see here + pregnancy