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On Sunday we went to our local market for the first time. Not sure why it took us so long to venture there, but anyway. I was expecting lots of fruit and vegetable stalls but it was mostly comprised of handicrafts (carved wood, knitted tea cosies, soaps and such) 'junk' stalls (stuff from China) and a few good antique/vintage stalls.

I bought these little bottles for $1 each - I couldn't resist. They'll be perfect for all the random little flowers that grow on our lawn; most people would call them weeds but I like them. The only other thing that attracted me were two stalls selling the junky plastic Made in China stuff. I picked up two of the worst-quality masks I have ever seen, which now hang on the wall above my desk. I especially like how there are little cats and bunnies on the ears.

Other items: plastic yellow daisy bracelet, novelty erasers, retro Christmas tree baubles, the mini jars, a stamp, kitty pen and most excitingly, a pack of blow pens! I was pretty bummed out they didn't have yellow OR pink but that's ok they are fun to play with anyway. Looking forward to incorporating them into my collage work.

Today is apparently 'Recreation Day' in Tasmania, which saw us outside a closed post office but with Paddlepops and ginger beer 5 minutes later. Hooray!

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