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afternoon tea and furry friends

Do you think tea or coffee tastes better when someone makes it for you? I think so! Sharing the afternoon tea break is even better, especially when cookies are involved. This weeks biscuit selection was a pack of Chocolate Wheatens.

We have our own preferred cups. This is one of mine. Fog Linen tray from Nook.

Before my boyfriend came home I baked a brownie-cake (we don't have a square pan yet) with a sprinkling of salt and rosemary leaves on top. I swear rosemary goes with anything. Can't wait til it starts growing in the garden - I'm going to let it grow crazy if it feels inclined to because it's just too darn delicious.

It was a tiny bit undercooked but it was more like dense, squishy, gooey pudding in the middle. Yummy! We ate it while watching cartoons. Thunder could be heard outside too so it was the ultimate treat combo.

Pip and Poppy were invited to hang out in the studio for a little while. I made them a box cubby and gave them a salad 'picnic'.

Some neat things I found online this morning:

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afternoon tea, biscuits, fog linen, guinea pigs, nook, rosemary brownies, and more:

afternoon tea and furry friends + studio visitors