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So let's talk about my need to buy opshop goods based on their level of hilarity and downright ridiculousness. I may never stop doing this. I don't think I want to stop. Case in point: Golden Circle's Tropical Recipe Book. It has everything. Or should I say, it has pineapples in everything. See?

This suggestive breakfast is titled 'Sunny Sausages'. Other nauseating and giggle-inducing menu items include: Devilled Kidneys with pineapple, Liver 'n' Bacon Tropic Style, Smuggler's Surprise, Coral Reef Pie, Whispering Shells, Pineapple Tuna Spread, Macaroni Tropical and George's Smoko Cake.

There are even hints and tips to becoming a better cook. This one had me rolling on the carpet in revolted glee...

"Improve the flavour of boiled tongue by adding a teaspoon each of whole cloves and peppers, two bay leaves and a diced onion to the cooking water. Serve sliced with Golden Circle Pineapple."

Despite all the (in my opinion) grotesque recipes involving meat shaped into loaves and wobbly cubes with the addition of gelatin, I have to say a few of the desserts and mocktails may need to be recreated in my kitchen sometime soon. After all, it really has me craving pineapples!

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