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slippery slimy slugs and snails

This morning while putting the bin out I spotted a little friend making his way across the dewy lawn.

Hello, Mrs Snail, where are you headed? What strange little eyes you have!

Are you Mr Snail? If you don't move quick a bird might get you!

Ah look, it's your cousin! Good morning slimy slug.

Itty bitty snail shell. I actually found this yesterday when we attempted to light a mini fire in the backyard where we imagine a small BBQ used to stand. It was a bit too wet and a little windy... and we ran out of matches.

Don't judge me, but I am making a mini terrarium today, complete with a mini orange horse and the tiny snail shell. My desk needs something green! As if our house wasn't retro enough already! (The other day I found a house decorating book from the 70s and the bathroom and lounge room was filled with terrariums, hanging plants, pot plants... you name it! It was like a mini jungle)

Dew drop got stuck.

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slippery slimy slugs and snails + terrarium