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Dressed For Success - Salvos Success Op Shop Review
Success Salvos Op Shop

Nathan and I have moved house more times than I care to remember. We've resided practically everywhere between Marangaroo & Margaret River. But now, finally, we can call South Lake home. Invariably with all moves, we've had to familiarise ourselves with the local bits and pieces - bottle-o, deli, supermarket, pizza bar etc etc and last Thursday that's what Nath and I found ourselves doing - exploring.

Success Salvos Op Shop

Now, I have to say that one of my absolute pet hates is visiting a certain big brand homewares place - I can think of nothing worse to be honest. It really shits me. But now that we actually own a home, I have conceded that visits to businesses such as these are sometimes inevitable.

So last Thursday, after scouring the dusty shelves of the above-described business, I think Nath felt a little sorry for me and so as we headed home, he pointed out a Salvos store at Cockburn Gateway. Yes! I was out of the car before he even had it in park.

What a lovely neat, clean and presentable op shop this one is. It's light, bright and inviting and absolutely teeming with stuff. I was quick to advise Nath that it was time to go our separate ways and he was not to follow me around like a lost puppy whilst I investigated the rest of store. Again, I think he was keen on keeping my stress levels down so left me to my own devices for a while haha.

I hit the shoes first, as they are kind of directly in front of you as you enter. There's a great selection and I really wish I had grabbed the red Dunlop joggers for $6 when I saw them as my current sneakers are killing me, but I got so caught up in everything else, I forgot all about them!

Success Salvos Op Shop

Also to your right, near the shoes, are men's jackets/suits - which caught Nath's eye actually. So I left him trying on a few items from the pretty large selection. I couldn't help myself after that, so I headed over to the bric-a-brac whilst having a quick check of the handbags and jewellery, but I'm not really in the market for that stuff at the mo. The bric-a-brac selection is pretty darn good. Glass, crockery, plastic, china - it's all there.

The store has a few collectable type things behind the counter with the more regular day-to-day bric-a-brac on these shelves. I picked myself up a retro $4.95 well loved platter made in Norway which has become our key & sunnies holder. I quite love it.

After finishing this section, I did a quick hubby check and found him (cue utter suprise!) with an armload of clothes to try on. And strike me down, he actually (a) tried these items on and (b) decided to purchase them!! OMG!

With him happy I decided to check out the clothes for my own purchasing. But what I had forgotten was that now that Nath had everything he wanted, it meant to him that the visit to the Salvos had now concluded. So it's here that I bring you:

Success Salvos

Op Shop Rule No 16: Keep The Husband Happy (aka Don't Bring Him Along!) Now let me start by saying that this rule will not necessarily apply to everyone. However I think there are a few of you out there who will understand what I'm getting at. Cause there's a reason why there are lounge chairs in shopping centres - and it's coz husbands can seriously hamper quality shopping time. Not only can they cramp your space but those looks you get from them in between staring intently at their watch (complete with heavy sighing and questions like "are you finished yet?") is TOTALLY annoying. To combat this stress, it's simple - leave him at home. Or at least find a pub in close vicinity with the footy and/or horseracing on!

So, after a little subtle foot-stamping, I was able to stay a little longer (actually quite a bit longer cause I had two opportunities to use the change room haha). There are HEAPS of clothes on offer here. And I think the best finds here are casual type clothes for us gals - lot's of t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, jeans etc etc.

I picked myself up a pair of white (I know??!!) Emerson 3/4 jeans for $5.99 which I was pretty happy with, for the coming summer months. That's not to say that there isn't a great range of upper range labels, but I think the casual selection is pretty fab. Stock up for summer here is what I'm sayin!

I did note that there was a fair range of kids stuff, along with a selection of books, haberdashery etc too. But ultimately I was uber-impressed with the men's selection. As I mentioned, it's not often that hubby finds (or tries to find) anything whilst shopping, but this selection did catch his eye which is always fab in my books.

Armed with his selection, my pants and a quick grab of the Norway platter, I let Nath settle the bill. Judging also by what we had both picked, I found the pricing here not too bad actually. Nath's shorts were only $5.99 and the same for my pants.

We both found the staff here really polite and friendly and I took the chance to ask how "new" the store was (it was that clean, I assumed it was new) to which I was told the store has been there at least four or so years. I think that's a great testament to the staff & their pride in the store. I'll also add that I think it has paid off too, this place was pretty busy (and that was mid-week, midday) with other thrifty peeps.

Happy that I'd been able to see at least one op-shop during the house move and happy that hubby was happy, we made our way back to the new home - to find somewhere, other than cardboard boxes or the floor, to store the new purchases.

So the next time you are up this way make sure you pop into this Salvos op shop- and be sure to give me a shout - I'll be more than happy to join you! K x

ps I think Nath might be really turning a corner in op shop love - he even got involved with naming this blog... mind you, I'm concerned he is still aware of Roxette's back catalogue...

Great For: All Mens / Women's casual
Try Somewhere Else: Without your husband!

Salvos Success / Gateway
South Commercial Gateways SC Road
Open: Mon-Fri 9-5.30 / Sat 9-5

Salvos Now on Ebay!
Salvos Stores is trialling an eBay store for rare, antique, collectible and unique items - woohoo! Head over to to check out the amazing items up for auction. All proceeds go to The Salvation Army - of course!

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Dressed For Success - Salvos Success Op Shop Review + you got that at an op shop