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Bosnian Coffee

A bit of a cheat for my entry for The Gallery this week (theme of food). I'm rehashing an old post on my previous blog, Brits In Bosnia, but one which highlights one of the things I miss about living in Bosnia the most. Their coffee; their rich, dark, strong, fabulous coffee. The sort of coffee that keeps you pinging off the walls for a good 3 hours after one tiny cup. The sort of coffee that demands to be inhaled, enjoyed, savoured. No rushing in for a quick 'latte to go' here, you must drinking it sitting down, preferably with friends and take your time.

Once this baby is born, I shall be back onto this type of coffee. I have a feeling I will be needing it.

Take some good coffee (Doncafe, the red packet being my preferred version, I am far too much of a wuss to go for the super strong green packet) and a Bosnian coffee maker thing that has a name but it escapes me right now.

Put one tablespoon per person into the coffee maker thing

Heat up the coffee a little. When you can smell it add some boiling water

Wait a while, but pay attention. The coffee will soon start to bubble up. If you aren't paying attention it will go all over the hobs.

Take off the heat and add just a tiny bit more water

This will lead to a creamy sort of froth that looks as if you have added milk.

Let stand for a little while. Then pour into a cup


If you are Bosnian you will have already added a fair amount of sugar at the beginning of the process with the coffee. You can now also dip a sugar cube into the coffee as well, or even a Bosnian Delight (same as a Turkish Delight). Take your coffee over to the computer and head over to Tara's Gallery for more foodie pictures.

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