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my new toy

Check out my new toy!!! The Mister spied it on the shelf at our local opshop today while I was pawing through the buttons. While it wasn't dirt cheap, it was still much, much cheaper than the basic entry level machines being sold at Target and Spotlight, so I'm definitely happy. I'll have to read the manual though, the dials might look simple but I have no idea what they all do... except for the zig-zag one!

Other toys:

Cassette of 60s music - I love listening to this in the morning while washing the dishes, it has some of my favourite songs on it.

More buttons to add to the collection. See the little green one down the bottom? That's my top pick! It was hard to stifle a little yelp of joy when I spotted that one.

Probably a bit boring for most people, but I am psyched about my little pink iron.

The opshop we bought all these goodies from (as well as a watering can, stove pot and ceramic baking dish which I accidently smashed just as we got home) has been so fruitful I couldn't ask for a better result! Mister also bought his bike there, as well as most of our kitchenware and book collection.

Speaking of the kitchen, I baked a batch of jam drops and chocolate drops this afternoon. We still don't have any measuring cups so they turned out like little crispy pancakes. Yum!

The good stuff:

We watched this last night. I was so into it. I still have the Beach Boys stuck in my head!

One of my best friends told me about this website. I like doing simple craft projects to cheer me up when I'm feeling unmotivated.

Some nice illustrations by Roxanne.

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