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Mixed Emotions - Anglicare Fremantle Op Shop Review

So the final stop on the mini-op shop tour Mum and I did in Fremantle recently, was to cross over High Street and check out the Anglicare store.

Ok, this is where I practice a little “tact”.

This op shop is ok. It’s neither terrible nor fabulous. And whilst I will probably never visit Fremantle to visit this particular op shop on its own, I will however, probably stop by for a browse whenever I'm in the area.

I envisage that when non op-shoppers conjure up in their minds the image of what they think an op shop looks like, that this Anglicare store is probably spot on.

While it doesn't have the 'wow' factor that some other op shops do, there were certainly a few shoppers around at the time and I know Mum wasn't as disheartened as myself, with her first impressions. So really the morale of this little story – as with all my blog updates – is for you to discover these places yourself and to make up your own mind.

Ok, so this particular op shop is set up in a large shop front, it has an almost ‘warehouse’ quality to it and the first section you hit is the furniture. I’m talking big ticket items such as lounges, bed suites, mattresses, wardrobes etc. I think this section is possibly this op shop’s calling card. Nice, cheap furniture that seems to be out the door as quick as it gets in. Which is great, because it means that the people who need these items, are able to get them at cheap prices.

To the right of this section is the books section which Mum and I did check out, but it was only relatively small collection and nothing really took our fancy (or Mum’s really, I wasn’t looking for books remember?!).

The highlight for me I have to say was ambience – aka the front counter. I will further translate that for you to mean the guy behind the counter hummed every single country and western tune blaring from what I imagine was a wireless somewhere behind the counter. This spot was clearly his territory and it was pretty fun.

Mum and I checked out the clothing aisles to the dulcet tones of Glen Campbell although despite the rockin’ soundtrack, I didn’t really find much that appealed although Mum did spend more time browsing the racks. There is definitely quite a bit of clothing to go through here, it’s tightly packed too, so you gotta put some elbow grease behind your fossicking.

Op Shop Rule No 9: Don’t Forget The Little Guys!

I know I keep banging on about donating to your local op shops, but I believe I also need to promote the need for you to share your love around! Some of the bigger guys do tend to get a lot of the goods and don’t get me wrong, that is fantastic, but if there is a chance you can take your next round of goodies to the smaller guys, like Anglicare, it means they have better quality to sell, and therefore more $$ to donate back to those who they are supporting the most.

The little op shop I’m a vollie at is in a similar situation, the bigger oppies in the area tend to get the “best of the best” donations and my little one tends to get a big quota of crap. Please remember at the end of the day, the reason behind why op shops are around – to assist those in need. So the more you can help by spreading your love around, the bigger difference it will make.

So while Mum continued browsing the clothes, I decided to hit my area of choice (yeah, you know it, the bric-a-brac section!) and I did have fun rifling through the haphazardly placed crockery in search of some porcelain or Johnson gold that maybe another hunter had missed. And I did pull out a couple of individual plates that I ummed and ahhed over but in the end decided to leave them behind for the next collector.

Why you ask? I guess at the moment I have few “odds and ends” by way of some Johnson numbers and some unfinished teacup trio’s, so I’m fairly committed at the moment to finishing these off before I start on some new ones….. Well, I say that today!

Unfortunately neither Ma or I came out of this op shop with any purchases this time around. And whilst it’s a lovely thought to want to be able to help every charity out (whether it’s a door knocker or spending up big in their op shop) sometimes it’s just not possible, or just not your day to do so. And, you know what? That’s ok. Cause if you’re like me, you probably frequent op shops enough on a regular basis to make the dollars you do spend, a worthwhile contribution.

Kel xx

Go For: Cheap furniture
Try Another For: Fashion items

Anglicare Fremantle
181 High Street

Open: 9am - 4.30pm Monday to Saturday

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Mixed Emotions - Anglicare Fremantle Op Shop Review + you got that at an op shop