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The fun continues

Half Term has left the boys plenty of opportunities to develop their song writing skills. Some of it even I am starting to find funny. Take this verse from Miss American Poo...

Did you write the book of POO
And do you have faith in the God of POO
If the POO tells you so.
And do you believe in Rock n' POO
Can music save your mortal POO
And can it teach you how to POO real slow.

Well I know that you're in love with POO
'coz I saw you dancing in the POO
You both kicked off your POOS
Man I dig that rhythmic POO

You can't deny that a couple of lines in that are genius. Loving the thought of the rhythmic poo and music saving my mortal poo. I mean who can't smile at that?

Bit worried that this phase is going to run and run so I'm starting to look for new songs to introduce them to that will at least provide me with some entertainment. Any suggestions? Mr. Plan B, that question was aimed at you in particular.

By the way, who came up with this ridiculous idea of Half Term anyway?

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The fun continues + love