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Emotional Rescue - RSPCA Society Store Mirrabooka Op Shop Review
You Got That At An Op Shop?!

In a sea of op shops assisting the less fortunate of the human-kind, it’s really great that our hearts are open to helping the less fortunate of the furry-kind. That's why I'm a big fan of the RSPCA op shop in Mirrabooka and why I always try and stop in for a visit when I'm around that general area.

I would hazard a guess that if you haven’t heard of the RSPCA, then you could possibly be from another planet – as the hard work this charity does to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals is far reaching and inspiring. I guess being a vegetarian and a mum to two fur-babies, means I’m pretty interested in all that they do, too.

It also means I’ll try my best not to preach too much during this review too haha. Let's begin!

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

Situated behind the Mirrabooka Shopping Centre, this little op shop is one of four in the metro area (others are found in Port Kennedy, Bibra Lake & Palmyra – two of which Nath & I discovered last weekend! Excited!!!!!) This particular shop is reasonably small as it consists of only one room, so the stuff that they do have, is in moderate quantities.

You will find however, this place has all the op shop sections (bar furniture) covered with it’s best offerings probably being the bric-a-brac. There is a selection of books, jewellery, haberdashery and shoes – not massive amounts, but enough to whet the thrifting appetite. In fact, if you are new to the thrifting world, a smaller place like this might be a good place to start your adventures, so you aren’t too bamboozled by some of the bigger ones out there.

You Got That At An Op Shop?!
You Got That At An Op Shop?!

The bric-a-brac, crockery, plasticware etc is situated to your left on a couple of large shelving units which makes for easy browsing and I saw some real 70’s throwbacks (I still wish I grabbed that tooled leather Sambuca bottle cover for Nathan….) and discarded 80’s trends (Garfield! Cassettes!) amongst it all.

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

There is also a good assortment of cheap and cheerful crockery & cutlery, so if you are after something weird and whacky, or some stock to fill up your kitchen, you’ll definitely find something here.

I had a good rummage through the clothes but unfortunately I was not able to find anything to add to my collection. But that’s ok, it doesn’t put me off, it just means I’m happy to go back the next time to see what’s new in stock!

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

I noted there was actually a great little selection of baby clothes, which at the time of my recent visit were all on sale (again I didn’t make any purchases given I had already cellophaned my lovely girlfriend’s baby shower basket!). I also had a good pick through the various donated doilies, tablecloths, tea towels and did come up with a FABULOUS multi-coloured knitted throw rug, which as I type, is adorning my cold feet. Right now it is my new winter love.

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

Grabbing the rug made me notice some of the other hand-crafted stuff on offer (ie dolls clothes, scarves, beanies etc) which, I assume, more often than not is donated by one of the many talented and generous crafty people/groups out there. When I picked up Ace’s winter rug the other week at the Vinnie's, I was kindly informed by the staff that they have an 80 year old lady who does nothing but knit rugs and donate them back to the shop. How lovely is that? So that leads me to:-


You Got That At An Op Shop?!

I know how easy it is to have a spring clean and end up with a pile of unwanted goodies sitting in the back of your car for months at a time because making it a priority to find a clothing bin is all too hard (or you keep passing the same one over and over and curse yourself for missing it – again!). If you are going to give stuff to your local charities, remember they are asking for stuff because they need it! So get off your bum and donate that stuff as soon as it becomes an unwanted item in your household.

And for Fido’s sake, please don’t be lazy and leave your bags outside the op shop doors if no one is there – the stores get in trouble because of the perceived "litter" and dipshits think it’s funny to kick around on the way home from the pub, thus not benefitting anyone at all. Make it your mission to find a bin, ask your local store for more info or check out the options via the net the next time you have stuff to give**

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

So whether or not this particular op shop is kept small for it’s own business reasons or due to the lack of donations, I’m not too sure. But it is worth popping in for a look all the same. And if you don’t come away with anything, that’s ok – you can always hop online and donate your time or dollars to the RSPCA anyways. Amen.

Kel x

Stock up on: * Handmade goodies * Bric-A-Brac *Small Manchester items
Try a larger store for: *Shoes *Clothes

You Got That At An Op Shop?!

RSPCA Society Store
20 Cobbler Place, Mirrabooka
Ph: 9207 1893
Monday to Friday 9am - 4:30pm / Saturday 9:30am - 12:30pm

**Just A Teeny Bit More On Donating!
I came across this Sydney Morning Herald article recently via twitter (thanks to @ILove2opshop) in relation to the type of stuff people are donating to their local op shops in NSW. Unfortunately, some not so great stuff is coming through. I'm sure I can hear this turning into another op shop rule or two, but for now, have a read and consider the message when packaging up your goodies :)

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