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Dave's Grandmother is 95. She's not well right now and has fallen out of bed and broken her leg, so is resting in hospital.

Obviously we've been making Get Well Soon cards. Well, Sam scratched some marks and then wandered off to decorate the sofa with the felt tip. Luke drew his usual (barely recognisable) 2 figures holding hands and wearing black.

Adam took his time. He spent a while over his card, drawing it all out in pencil first, and then colouring in ever so carefully. He talked about Great Grandma as he went, remembering the last time we visited her. He remembered that she liked going to church, so we talked about that for a bit. I wasn't really concentrating on what Adam was doing, too busy sorting out the red felt tip sofa scenario, but figured he was doing a good job.

He was. He had really thought about what Great Grandma wanted to see on her card. The thing is, I just don't know if we can send it to a 95 year old really quite poorly lady. What do you think?

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