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My evening tonight has consisted of, in no particular order:

Watching Rushmore by Wes Anderson
Painting rabbit brooches
Drawing some designs and writing ideas for my next Pannikin collection in my new A5 sketchbook
Drinking plenty of green/jasmine tea
Watching a taped episode of Bones
Sampling a piece of passion fruit-infused Lindt chocolate (amazing!)
Decorating packages
Preparing tomorrows snacks (orange juice, apple, almonds) and thinking about the big Govindas lunch I am treating myself to.

Tomorrow is going to be a very big day, which will unfortunately leave me with zero time to check out a few opshops in preparation for my Jewellery from Everyday Objects class that is held in the evenings. I should be okay though, as our teacher has planned to show us how to make rings from billiard balls. Yeah, you heard me. How cool is that?! So can't wait.

Anyway, I'm going to go stock up on some sleep. Ta!

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