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Review: Hello Kitty Croc Boots / Gust Purple Crocs Boots

As I settle down at my PC to write this review I glance outside and it is a GLORIOUS day. Sunshiney. Warm. Summer! But I know that weather like this in March means for a vile, rain filled summer. So whilst I can't think of putting the kids in boots today, experience tells me we may well still be in need of them over the summer.

In a break with this blogs tradition, today we are all about the girls. For one day only I am moving away from the boy filled carnage that dominates my life and into the pink and purple zone. Colours not found in abundance in our house usually. But we were offered the chance to review these boots and I knew just the girls to do it.

First up was the Hello Kitty Gust Snow Boots. One very excited 5 year old. She loved the pink fur around the top. Really thought that was great. The adults liked the lined inside, waterproof feet and quilted leg. Despite a fair bit of splashing mud and puddle action the quilted bit hasn't let in any water yet, but is obviously not fully waterproof. Toes were kept nice and toasty. Only whinge is that the fit was quite baggy around the leg. Obviously designed to have the trousers inside, but experienced parents know full well that trousers inside the leg leads to wet feet - all that puddle water will splash up and go straight down into the boot. Far better to have waterproof trousers outside the boot. That keeps feet dry.

Recommended RRP is £39.99 but at the moment (beginning of summer) they can be found at cheaper prices if you shop around.

We also had a chance to go purple with the Crocs Crocband Gust Purple Kids boot. The little lady very much rated the style (even though it wasn't pink) and particularly liked the 'soft fuzzy inside'. Her toes stayed very warm in the cold water and have been through puddles and mud with no problems. She's even walked a fair old distance in them (admiring her feet at every step) which, given her usual lack of interest in outdoor walking, is no greater accolade. Once again the fit around the calf was pretty baggy and although there is a velcro fastener, there isn't quite enough velcro to keep it tight.

Again the RRP is £39.99 but there can be got cheaper if you shop around.

Overall - great little boots and fantastic quality that the kids loved. Although it might not be the season now to be looking for this type of boot, the sales mean that you can buy them now making them great value for money.

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Review: Hello Kitty Croc Boots / Gust Purple Crocs Boots + TIME