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Review: Star Wars Lego, Lego Castle Building and a spot of Duplo...

.. can you tell we are a fully subscribed, Lego obsessed household? What I don't know about standing on a piece of lego in your bare feet isn't worth knowing. Lego hurts worse than Playmobil. That's all I'm saying.

Anyway, when contacted and asked if I'd like to review some Lego, I nearly took the PRs arm off in excitement. Half term was coming up, likliehood of a pox ridden (and housebound) bunch of boys was high. I was in NEED of Lego.

The 6 yo has been into Lego for a while now, and will take away a new set, the instructions and not be heard of again for at least an hour. Lego Star Wars is his thing, so we went Luke's Landspeeder. I've learnt that the thing about Star Wars Lego is not the set itself, but which minifigures come with it. This one had Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan, R2D2 and C3PO (as well as something else that is very exciting but I don't have a clue about) which seemed to me to cover all the main characters. The boys were very excited by the little men. The landspeeder was soon up and running too. Very happy little lads.

The 5 yo has only just started to get into Lego and much as he wants some Star Wars stuff it is a little complicated for him at the moment. The Lego City or Lego Knight range are good options for easier Lego sets for children who are itching to move on from Duplo but would be a bit overawed by the quite complex older kids sets. We went for the Lego Castle Building set and it was also a hit with both the boys.

Now of course we have endless battles between the Star Wars characters and the Knights which may explain why I have been standing on quite so much Lego recently.

Of course then there is little Sam who at 15 months doesn't want to be left out of any event. I needed something to distract him from the tiny little bits of Lego and was delighted to be offered the Duplo Bus Set for him. He loves Duplo, although mainly in the throwing it around ultimate destroyer kind of way. He also loves buses so the Bus Set was always going to be a hit with him. I also really liked this set. The bus comes with 3 people and a couple of suitcases as well as a bus stop. Sam likes to drive the bus along and then stick all the people in the bus (only to eject them a few metres further up the road). I read somewhere recently that this is classic play for toddlers, the ability to observe and recreate the world around them is an important development step. He certainly spends a lot of time putting the people in and out of the bus.

So, as expected, we loved it. All of them. Please can we review some more?

This is a review post for which we received the LEGO Star Wars Luke's Landspeeder, the LEGO Castle Building and the Duplo Bus Set, each costing about £20, to keep free of charge.

HAPPY, lego, love, review, and more:

Review: Star Wars Lego, Lego Castle Building and a spot of Duplo... + running