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Adrienne Slane

This morning my inbox alerted me to an interview with Ohio based collagist, Adrienne Slane on Buy Some Damn Art (BSDA). Her studio looks lovely and cosy! Oh, and her collages, composed with images from books dated between the 1700s and mid-1900s are so beautiful!

Brachyura by Adrienne Slane
Just this morning I woke up rather excited because I believed my dream about finding a whole collection of very old books perfect for collage was real. Doh. (I also dreamed I sold everything in my vintage shop, maybe it's a sign??) Anyway, do check out Adrienne's website, it's full of visual gems as is her blog.
Now I am off to finish my coffee and make some new collages of my own. Nothing better than seeing someone else having fun making things to get you in a creative mood. I wanna make things too!

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